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Employee Benefits

Regnier Insurance Services represents two of the major health insurance companies in the country – United Healthcare and Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 aka “Obamacare” brought many changes to the healthcare market.

Employers are now responsible for complicated and time consuming reporting under penalty of fines.

The government mandates everyone have health coverage or be subject to financial penalty.

Regnier Insurance Services can guide our clients to sources to assist in maintaining compliance with the new requirements and regulations imposed by the ACA. Our Employee Benefits attorney is able to answer your questions regarding Affordable Care Act compliance, privacy, discrimination, etc.

Regnier Insurance Services provides our Clients, their employees and families with assistance in resolving medical claim issues.

Regnier Insurance Services can assist with enrollment, changes, ID cards and terminations for employer sponsored health plans at no additional cost to our client.

Regnier Insurance Services provides an annual review to determine if your health plan and premium are still the best available as well as providing you with options.

The Agent you choose for Employee Benefits does make a difference!

Reliability, Integrity, Service