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Insurance Philosophy

REGNIER INSURANCE SERVICES is an Underwriting Agency. The process we use to develop a presentation to the Business Owner is as follows:

1. Determine the insurance services you value by reviewing our
     Business Client Service Guide.
2. Determine the exposures you have by completing our Insurance Risk Checklist.
3. Analyze and review all paid and open claims for the current four (4) year period.
4. Review your current costs compared to claims paid.
5. Review current coverages in relation to risk.
6. Submit specifications to those companies we represent that best matches your
    company's specifications.
7. Present our findings and make recommendations to the Business Owner.

Service Philosophy

The service process in an Underwriting Agency is different than a Production Agency. In an Underwriting Agency the Agent receives all the technical service requests and responds the same day of the request. In a Production Agency, the Customer Service Representative receives all calls.

We Focus On Your Peace of Mind...

                          By Reducing Your Insurance Costs and Reducing Gaps In Coverage.

Our professional staff analyzes your insurance requirements first from the viewpoint of RISK MANAGEMENT.

By risk elimination, risk reduction,  risk transfer or risk assumption, the cost of your insurance may be considerably reduced.

The Services You Can Expect:
1. A complete analysis of your insurance needs.
2. We design a responsible protection program for you.
3. We select the company or companies best suited to your situation.
4. We present you with a competitively priced proposal.
5. We move quickly to get fair prompt settlement of your claims.
6. We annually review the adequacy of your insurance program.
7. We look for ways to save you money.

Reliability, Integrity, Service